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The real experience of the White Mountains

Enjoy the panoramic view of  Samaria Gorge from the most popular mountain refuge in the White Mountains (Kalergis) at an altitude of 1680 m and Agia Irini Gorge from the Observatory in “Gre Leska”

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Paleochora Safari Panoramic Views

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...if you're ready to see Crete from a different perspective,discover hidden,unspoiled parts of untold beauty of the island an experience what Crete is
all about,then read on...

Paleochora Safari offers personalised service and true 
Cretan hospitality. We stand for comfort and safety. offering an once
in a lifetime opportunity to explore the real Cretan Culture!
Our traditional safari adventures into the rural parts of Western
Crete will guarantee a unique experience never lived before....
You can look forward to a hassle-free experience to explore the
local secrets of wine making (and tasting!),olive oil production,
visits to old picturesque churches and ancient villages, Crete's
oldest olive tree, breathtaking landscapes and many more
amazing attractions of remarkable history and raw beauty.

 Paleochora Chania Crete Greece


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