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paleochora safari adventures
The real experience of the White Mountains

Enjoy the panoramic view of  Samaria Gorge from the most popular mountain refuge in the White Mountains (Kalergis) at an altitude of 1680 m and Agia Irini Gorge from the Observatory in “Gre Leska”.

paleochora safari adventures
Live the experience of Olive oil and Wine production

Cross  three gorges with the most impressive view and let all your senses free to enjoy the secrets of olive oil and wine tasting and production.

paleochora safari adventures
A Visit to Elafonisi beach 

Visit the most popular destination in the prefecture of Chania with its exotic beach 

paleochora safari adventures
Visit Agios Dikaios, the Eagles Nest

Take this unique off road tour and explore Agios Dikaios, the place where a unique kind of eagle (Gypaetus barbatus) lives at an altitude of 1182 m.

paleochora safari adventures
Discover Ancient City of Lissos

This tour is a combination of knowledge and relaxing. 

Get ready to learn about Cretan History and Culture through some hiking paths which lead to the most beautiful corner in Crete with the most amazing panoramic view and then relax in a secluded but unique beach.

paleochora safari adventures
Panoramic View of Paleochora & Sunset from Krios Bay

Let your senses free to enjoy the most amazing view of Paleochora from above and take some very beautiful photos to have as souvenirs from your holidays in Crete. The view is so  breathtaking that your photos may look like small work of arts!

paleochora safari adventures
A Unique Night Safari

Live a real adventure during an off road route through hidden paths having the moonlight as a leader and raise up your adrenaline!

Private tours on request

More tours comming soon...

paleochora safari adventures
Paleochora Safari
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